NFL Divisional Round

NFL Playoffs I still don’t know why they don’t call this round the Conference Semifinals, but I guess that is a dumb thing to care about. After last weekend’s results, I am just picking winners this week, since I can’t seem to come anywhere near where the final scores actually end up.  Seriously, look at … Read moreNFL Divisional Round

NFL Wildcard Weekend

The NFL playoffs begin this weekend with Wildcard Weekend. Before we get to a preview of the games, let’s take a look back to Week 1 and how I thought things were going to pan out this season. NFC Playoff Picture I was 50% on my predictions for the NFC, with only two division champions … Read moreNFL Wildcard Weekend

NFL Week 17 Preview

In these weekly previews, I’ll highlight the results that I found shocking from the previous week, as well as preview the game I am most looking forward to from the weekend ahead. As we get later into the season, I may add some other sections to this, including playoff positioning and a look forward to the upcoming draft. 

The Top Games From Week 16

New Orleans Saints 31 – Pittsburgh Steelers 28
The Saints clinched a first-round bye with the victory, while the Steelers fell out of the playoff picture after the loss, falling behind the Baltimore Ravens (for the AFC North title) and the Tennessee Titans (for the second wild card), who had both won Saturday.

The Steelers entered the fourth quarter, leading 28-24. And for most of the fourth quarter, that lead remained in place, with the Steelers failing to add points, while the Saints went 3-and-out and had a blocked field goal. After that blocked field goal, the Steelers were holding onto the ball, trying to get a first down to run some time off the clock. On 4th-and-5, the Steelers seemingly lined up to punt, only to fake the punt and come up a yard short.

The Saints took control of the ball with 4:06 left on the clock at the Pittsburgh 46 yard line, and unlike their opponents, they were able to run down the clock, driving the field and scoring a touchdown with 1:25 left on the clock. This left the Steelers with plenty of time left to score, and after a converted 4th-and-15 (upheld on review), the Steelers were on the drive to at least attempt a game-tying field goal. Instead, JoJo Smith-Schuster fumbled after a reception, allowing the Saints to fully run out the clock and earn the victory.

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NFL Preview – AFC South

With the NFL season kicking off this Thursday with the Philadelphia Eagles opening up the defense of their Super Bowl LII title against the Atlanta Falcons, what better time to preview the season, especially now that rosters are mostly set after a mostly ignored preseason.
These previews are going to feature a quick look back at last season, any major personnel moves that may affect the upcoming season, and a prediction for how we think each division is going to play out. At the end of the week, we’ll post a separate post that combines them all and predicts the playoff participants, as well as who we think will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy after Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta on February 3, 2019.
As we continue our journey around the AFC, we have arrived in the AFC South, which in recent years, is one of the weaker divisions in football. Since 2002, when the NFL went to eight divisions, only one team from the division has won a Super Bowl, the Peyton Manning-led Indianapolis Colts’ win in Super Bowl XLI. The Colts were the dominant team in the division during Peyton Manning’s career in Indianapolis, winning 7 of the first 9 division titles, but in the seven years since he left the Colts, the Houston Texans have the most division titles (4), the Colts have two, and Jacksonville won their first division title in the era last season. The Tennessee Titans last won the division in 2008.

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