(UPDATED) Premier League – Week 21 Slate

Premier League Week 21

This week is looking to be one where the clubs at the top of the Premier League will have an opportunity to continue to separate themselves from the rest of the leage. Four of the top six clubs – save Arsenal and Chelsea, who play each other – will be playing clubs from the lower half of the league standings.

As always, the number in parenthesis before each club reflects their spot on our Power Rankings, and we’ll try to keep this list updated as the week progresses. Home teams are listed first, and winners will be indicated in bold. In the event of a draw, both teams will be placed in italics.

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(UPDATED) EFL Championship – Week 18 Slate

Championship Week 18 Fixtures/Results We saw a lot of movement in our Power Rankings after a Week 17 that saw a lot of upsets. This week appears to be no different, with a lot of matches between clubs that are within a few spots of each other. Norwich City and Leeds United have really separated themselves from the rest … Read more(UPDATED) EFL Championship – Week 18 Slate