(UPDATED) EFL Championship – Week 19 Slate

Championship Week 19 Fixtures/Results

At the conclusion of last week’s slate, we officially reached the half way point of the Championship season. For the most part, the season thus far has gone nearly as well as I predicted before the season, albeit with a couple of huge misses on my part (I thought Ipswich Town would finish in 11th place (oops) and current leader Leeds United to finish right ahead of them (double oops).

Per usual, the number in parenthesis before each club is where they fell on our Week 19 Power Rankings. The clubs all begin second-half action with a full Boxing Day slate, followed by another full day on Saturday. Home clubs are listed first, and will be hosting both matches on the week. We’ll keep this updated throughout the week, with winners indicated in bold, while matches that end in draws will have their clubs italicized.

The match between the club with the lowest combined rankings will be dubbed our “Match of the Week,” while the match with the highest combined rankings is our “Match of the Weak.”

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