FCS Championship – North Dakota State v Eastern Washington

FCS Championship In the NCAA Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), the National Champion is determined by a 24-team playoff through most of December. North Dakota State, the season-long #1 team, is the defending national championship, and have won six of the past seven titles. Eastern Washington, no stranger to postseason success in the FCS, has one … Read moreFCS Championship – North Dakota State v Eastern Washington

SDSU v. NDSU FCS Football Semifinals

South Dakota State v. North Dakota State — Dakota Marker Series This semifinal is setting up to be a game of epic proporitions. This rivalry game has been played consistently since 1903, though it’s been a much more recent development that it’s begun beomg competed at the Division 1 level. Due to proximity the schools … Read moreSDSU v. NDSU FCS Football Semifinals

Friday Night Spotlight – FCS Playoff Quarterfinals

There are two subdivisions of NCAA football at the Division I level. The one we’ve primarily talked about all season is the FBS subdivision, for Football Bowl Subdivision. All the teams at that level play out the regular season, hoping for an invite to the College Football Playoffs by making it through the season unscathed (but with a strong schedule). Outside the “top” four teams, however, the remaining teams are relegated to playing in a bowl game – if they reach bowl eligibility – or simply staying home for the holidays.

In the FCS (Football Championship Subdivision), however, there is an actual playoff to determine the NCAA champion.[1] The two subdivisions schedule games against each other during the season, which are often used as schedule filler or tune-up games early in the season for the FBS teams. This past season, seven FCS teams were able beat FBS teams, with Temple’s loss to Villanova the biggest upset.[2]

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