English Premier League Owners (EPL Owners)

Ever wondered who the English Premier  League Owners (EPL owners) are? Arsenal: Arsenal is technically owned by Arsenal Holdings, PLC. Although, as of August 2018, Arsenal Holdings is owned by Stan Kroenke’s holdings company, Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, who acquired the remaining stake for £550M from the Russian part-owner. AFC Bournemouth: Maxim Demin is the … Read moreEnglish Premier League Owners (EPL Owners)

Dark Horse Chronicles – Manchester City

The darkhorse for this week seems like a crazy name to include because of how they are performing so far in this season. As well as the fact that they ended last season as Champions. They set a new points record with 100 points in the Premier League, so how can they be a darkhorse? … Read moreDark Horse Chronicles – Manchester City

Premier League Tuesday – Brighton & Hove Albion v Crystal Palace

Premier League Tuesday – BHA & Crystal Palace

This BHA and Crystal Palace game is expected to be far and away the most competitive matchup of the day. It’s also one between two teams would desperately like to start building up some points before the midway point of the season. They’d both love to go into the New Year with themselves in a good place in the table! It’s also a matchup between #9 and #15 in our Week 15 power rankings!

Brighton and Hove Albion (BHA)

Brighton come into this match in very reasonable form. In their last 6 games they have 3 wins, 1 draw, and two losses. Brighton have the 7th best home form in the table, though they’ve left a fair number of points on the board in road games. Although they have 6 losses on the season, 3 of them are to big six teams. They also added a memorable win over a Manchester United team that’s been poor. Brighton would love to take this opportunity to leapfrog Watford. While the Seagulls come in with a very winnable game, Watford faces Manchester City. Depending on other results tomorrow, Brighton could go as high as eighth but their goal differential would have to improve immensely.

In terms of the statistics, Brighton is markedly better at home than away. Brighton has managed a goal in every home game they’ve played as well as the last seven straight. At home the Seagulls are averaging 1.5 goals scored per game while conceding 1.17 goals per game. They’ve allowed a total of 7 goals against at home this season; 3 allowed in the first half and 4 in the second half. While their goal scoring is the opposite; 5 goals in the first half and 4 in the second.

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Weekend Preview on Thursday (#WPOT) Week 13, Part 1

Disclaimer: This series is examining the games days prior to matchday. There is always the possibility for injuries, coach selections, etc. They may be updated to reflect most accurate starting lineup.

Weekend Preview on Thursday (#WPOT) Week 13,

 Part 1

Watford v. Liverpool

Location: Vicarage Road

Liverpool are sizable favorites in this matchup. So far, the expectation is that this game should have around 3 goals scored.

Watford’s blistering start has definitely cooled off a bit, they’ve lost 3 of the last 6 and drawn another. Their most recent was a 1-1 draw with a Southampton side currently residing in 17th place. The side have fallen down to 7th place in the table, tied with Manchester United and Burnley (on points). Watford will need to be especially aware of Liverpool’s penchant for scoring goals late in the first half (31′-45′). The home side has conceded 4 of their 8 concessions at home during that time. Watford is averaging 1.67 goals scored/per game and 1.33 goals conceded/per game at home. All signs indicate this should be a pretty good matchup.

Liverpool have drawn three of their last six games. Some space between Manchester City and the second-placed reds is starting to emerge. Liverpool did manage to beat Fulham with a 2-0 final score but Liverpool will want to start winning games to keep pace with City. Away from home Liverpool is averaging 1.5 goals scored/per game and 0.67 concessions/per game. Of particular importance is the number of  goals conceded late, 76′ or later, while away totaling 3 of the 4 goals allowed. While Watford doesn’t have a major differential overall, they have scored 7 of their 10 home goals in the second half, 5 of those 7 coming after the 60′ minute. Liverpool will need to keep their composure here to ensure a result.

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Dark Horse Chronicles – AFC Bournemouth

Darkhorse Chronicles – AFC Bournemouth This weeks Darkhorse is an AFC Bournemouth team that has been flying a little under the radar this season and deserves to be covered. One of the other writers has been asking me not to write them up so I don’t change their fortunes. If you don’t know who I’m … Read moreDark Horse Chronicles – AFC Bournemouth

Dark Horse Chronicles – Chelsea

After a two-week hiatus we make our way back to the Premier League. This week’s Darkhorse is Chelsea, who I’m sure will have many of you perplexed. However, I would like to remind you that Chelsea’s recent form has been less than stellar. In the 2017-2018 series they finished 5th placed almost 30 points beneath eventual-winners Manchester City. In the 2015-2016 Chelsea barely made the top half finishing in 10th place finishing 31 points below Leicester City’s win. Chelsea has made it a habit of seemingly coming from nowhere and taking the win, as they showed with their 10th to 1st place 2016-2017 before falling again. Chelsea’s recent form has indicated that every 4-5 years they manage a title, so we are getting close to their return to form.

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