Promotion & Relegation Watch – Championship – Version 5

Championship Promotion & Relegation Watch

Note: It’s the homestretch across the English Football League, with most teams have 10 or fewer games remaining. Throughout the week, and through the rest of the season, we’ll be taking a look at the top four tiers of English football. Up next is the Championship, tier two in the EFL.

The Championship joins the Premier League on an international break this week, with league action resuming on 29 March with a match between West Bromwich Albion and Birmingham City. With all Championship clubs eliminated from the FA Cup – it was a good fight Swansea City and Millwall – we should have full weekend slates from here on out, with midweek matches to help the clubs with fewer than 38 matches played currently to catch up.

The regular season concludes on 5 May, and it could be a day full of action that matters, especially if it comes down to goal differential to clinch a playoff spot. As a reminder, the top two teams automatically qualify for promotion to next year’s Premier League, while the next four clubs compete for one spot in a two-round playoff. Last season, Wolverhampton Wanderers (currently 7th in the Premier League) won the Championship, Cardiff City (18th) finished second, and Fulham (19th) earned promotion through the playoff (after finishing third during the season).

Since the last time we looked at the Championship, there has been some big moves by some clubs outside of the top six. Five of the top six clubs from Boxing Day remain the same, though the order has been shuffled around a bit. We also have four new clubs in the top ten…though the bottom five is nearly the exact same.

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EFL Championship – Week 29 Power Rankings

Another Monday night match postponed the updating of the Power Rankings yet again, but with Week 29 kicking off tonight, we needed to get the updated rankings out this afternoon. About half the teams remain in the same spot they were last week. 

Derby County will host Wigan Athletic tonight, and they will be the only clubs playing two matches this week as all the clubs attempt to get square on total matches played. We aren’t nearly as unbalanced as we were last week – only six clubs have played less matches (34) than the majority of clubs (35) – so expect a mad dash to the end of the season after the upcoming break from 17-29 March (which is when we’ll publish the next look at the promotion and relegation standings). 

Note: Records presented as W-D-L
Through matches played on 4 March 2019

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Championship Friday – Preston North End v Derby County

For the first time in a couple of weeks, Championship Friday isn’t a matchup of clubs near the top of the table, though the host this week probably had higher hopes for the season than how it has played out this far.

Preston North End, who finished last season two points out of the playoffs, have not done nearly that well this season. Nevertheless, there is still some time left in the season for the club to recover, and tonight’s match against Derby County would be a good place to start.

Let’s take a look at the clubs:

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EFL Championship – Week 23 Power Rankings

Oh boy…

The results from the Championship this week really scrambled up the rankings, with only seven clubs staying put from last week. We had a lot of lower-ranked teams knock of higher ranked ones. The clubs ranked 12th through 17th all won, while four of the top ten clubs lost, so this week is really just a huge mess all around. Hopefully things will sort themselves out over the next couple of weeks.

We also have a new number one club this week, though it is a return to the top for the club with the lowest average rank this season, with Middlesbrough claiming the mantle for the third time this season. But, knowing our luck with recently anointed top clubs, it will probably be someone completely different next week.

Note: Records presented as W-D-L
Through matches played on 21 January 2019

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EFL Championship – Week 22 Power Rankings

Another week in the Championship, another week of movement in our weekly Power Rankings. Only four clubs remain in the same spot that they were last week, and one of those clubs is last week’s top club, who managed to avoid the jinx we tend to place on our top club.

This week was also an opportunity to “right size” the rankings a bit; I have no idea how Aston Villa had managed to climb as high as they did in my rankings while struggling to stay in the top 10 of the league table, so that’s been mostly corrected. There are some other clubs that are a long ways off from their table position, but I can easily justify those ones.

Note: Records presented as W-D-L
Through matches played on 12 January 2019

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EFL Championship – Week 17 Power Rankings

After occupying five days last week, Week 16 in the Championship was a relatively succinct affair, with a single match on Friday and the rest of the slate played on Saturday.

The resulting action shuffled things up in the middle of our Power Rankings, with 14 clubs on the move from last week. Per usual, rankings here are determined based on recent action and not necessarily the season on the whole, which is why some clubs might be a few spots higher or lower than their spots on the league table.

Note: Records presented as W-D-L
Through matches played on 8 December 2018

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