Europa League – Matchday 6 Recap

Entering Matchday 6 of the Europa League, there were 11 spots available in the knockout phase of the tournament. (I covered all the scenarios here and here for the groups that mattered). Most of the matches that mattered on Thursday went as expected, though there were a couple of surprises based on the tournament up … Read moreEuropa League – Matchday 6 Recap

Europa League – Matchday 6 Scenarios (Part 3)

Click here for Part 1 and a look at all the settled groups in Europa League. Click here for Part 2 and a look at the groups with one spot open. There are eight groups – and 23 clubs – that will actually have something to play for during Matchday 6. I’ve broken these eight … Read moreEuropa League – Matchday 6 Scenarios (Part 3)

Europa League – Matchday 3 Recap

We are halfway through the group stage of Europa League, and just like over in the Champions League, nobody has yet clinched their respective group. However, six of the 12 groups are led by clubs with three wins:

These six clubs have a leg up on at least finishing second in their respective groups, especially the clubs (Zagreb and Chelsea) that have a second-place club that doesn’t have six points. Chelsea remains the overall favorite, even among teams that might show up after finishing third in their Champions League group (we see you Paris Saint-Germain and Tottenham Hotspur!).

These are some of the results from the third day of matches from Europa League that caught our attention, based on pre-tournament UEFA rankings and where the match took place. Matches that moved a club closer to clinching a spot in the next round – or securing their ouster – will also get some attention. Home teams are listed first:

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Europa League – Matchday 2 Recap

The next 24 matches have been completed in the Europa League, and they mostly went as expected, with only five road clubs coming away with victories. But there were still some surprises, and this will highlight some of those results.

These are some of the results from the second day of matches from around Europe (based on UEFA rankings heading into the match or location) that piqued our interest. We’ll also be referencing clubs’ chances to win their group or advance, and I am using the great UEFA Europa League Predictions over at FiveThirtyEight for that (so I don’t have to keep linking it in multiple spots). Home teams are listed first:

Malmo FF 2-0 Besiktas
Sarpsborg 08 3-1 Genk
I wanted to highlight both matches from Group I because they made the group the only one with all four clubs tied with three points after two matches. It also continued the trend of the home teams winning, with all four matches played thus far in the group having won by the hosting club. Nominally, Sarpsborg is leading the group because they’ve scored the most goals (yet have the lowest odds of reaching the next round per FiveThirtyEight), and Malmo is in last place because they’ve scored the fewest, but Matchday 3 should hopefully allow for some separation. Note: Sarpsborg and Besiktas are the home clubs in three weeks, soplace your bets if you think the home team trend is going to continue.

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Europa League – Group Draw

After two and a half months of qualifying play, we’ve finally reached the Group Stage of the UEFA Europa League! But before matches kick off on 20 September, the qualifiers had to be drawn into their respective groups.

Unlike the Champions League, where 32 teams compete at the group level, there are 48 teams in the Europa League tournament: 17 teams that enter directly at the Group Stage, 21 winners from the Europa League play-off round, 6 losers from the Champions League playoff round, and 4 League Path losers from the Champions League third qualifying round. The first and second place clubs from each group – as well as the 8 third-place teams from the Champions League Group Stage – will move onto the next round of Europa League, but that won’t happen until December after all group stage matches are played.

The 17 teams that are placed directly into the Europa League at the Group Stage are pulled from the following associations, based on the associations rank per the UEFA coefficient:

  • 12 domestic cup winners from associations 1-12
  • 1 domestic league fourth-placed team from association 5
  • 4 domestic league fifth-placed teams from associations 1-4

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