EFL Championship – Week 27 Slate

EFL Championship – Week 27 Scores & Fixtures For the second week in a row, clubs from the Championship will be playing throughout the week, though it’s not nearly as robust of a schedule as the one from last week, with singular matches on Tuesday and Wednesday. It makes sense, with the clubs across the … Read moreEFL Championship – Week 27 Slate

(UPDATED) EFL Championship – Week 26 Slate

Championship Week 26 Fixtures/Results

This week will feature a lot of Championship clubs playing twice, while others will be taking a break from league play over the weekend to play their fifth round matches in the FA Cup, including one between Championship clubs Swansea City and Brentford. (The others playing in the FA Cup this weekend are Queens Park Rangers, Derby County, Millwall, and Bristol City).

As always, the numbers in parenthesis before the clubs is where they happen to fall in our weekly Power Rankings – which may not match where they fall on the league table. We’ll try to keep this post updated with results throughout the week, with the winning clubs in bold and draws indicated by italics. Home clubs are listed first.

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(UPDATED) EFL Championship – Week 24 Slate

Championship Week 24 Fixtures/Results

It was an abbreviated slate in the Championship last week, with only 12 clubs playing in league matches while the rest of the clubs played in FA Cup Round Four. As such, we are waiting to update our Power Rankings until everyone has played at least one more game, which we will do after this week’s slate of matchups.

Per usual, the number in parenthesis before each club is where they fell in our Power Rankings from last week. Home clubs are listed first, and will be hosting both matches on the week. We’ll keep this updated throughout the week, with winners indicated in bold, while matches that end in draws will have their clubs italicized.

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EFL Championship – Week 22 Power Rankings

Another week in the Championship, another week of movement in our weekly Power Rankings. Only four clubs remain in the same spot that they were last week, and one of those clubs is last week’s top club, who managed to avoid the jinx we tend to place on our top club.

This week was also an opportunity to “right size” the rankings a bit; I have no idea how Aston Villa had managed to climb as high as they did in my rankings while struggling to stay in the top 10 of the league table, so that’s been mostly corrected. There are some other clubs that are a long ways off from their table position, but I can easily justify those ones.

Note: Records presented as W-D-L
Through matches played on 12 January 2019

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Promotion & Relegation Watch – Championship – Midpoint

Championship Promotion & Relegation Watch

We have officially reached the midpoint of the season in the Championship, so I figured it was as good a time as any to update our look at the top and bottom of the league table.

As a reminder, the top two teams automatically qualify for promotion to next year’s Premier League, while the next four clubs compete for one spot in a two-round playoff. Last season, Wolverhampton Wanderers won the Championship, Cardiff City finished second, and Fulham earned promotion through the playoff (after finishing third during the season).

Since the last time we looked at the Championship, not much has changed. The top six clubs remain the same, though the order has been shuffled around a bit. Expanding the look a bit beyond those six clubs, eight of the top ten clubs are the same as well, with Birmingham City and Stoke City finding themselves just outside that last playoff spot.

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EFL Championship – Week 18 Power Rankings

Week 17 in the Championship is in the books, and the results have led to a lot of changes from last week’s Power Rankings. We have a new club at the top – even though the former #1 didn’t lose – and a new club at the bottom to the rankings as well – even though the former bottom club is still the bottom club in the actual league table.

The action shuffled up the rankings a bit, with only seven clubs staying in the same spot from last week. Per usual, the rankings here try to represent the trends of the clubs from week-to-week, and not give them credit for early season performance that elevated them in the league table (though most clubs have mostly gone to form over the past quarter of the season).

Note: Records presented as W-D-L
Through matches played on 17 December 2018

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